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Nintendo Power Cast

On this weeks episode we talk Splatoon 2, the SNES Classic and more!

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This week talked the Destiny 2 beta and what we hope the game has in store for us.

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It’s recently come out that ThinkGeek.com has announced bundles for the NES Classic Mini, last years most coveted item for the Holidays. While some are surprised and excited that this already discontinued item is available it comes with some caveats.  read more

As I write this, the Destiny 2 beta has come to an end. Bungie’s networking team is back to testing in a private realm, and the software team remains hard at work – squashing bugs, tuning sandboxes, and crushing dreams.

If one looked at the Destiny Reddit from the first day of the beta to the last, you’d notice a vast array of opinions, gripes, complaints and valid criticisms. read more

Once upon a time, there were places around the world that were safe havens for kids, places that were untouchable by the parental units. They were arcades, outfitted with the latest and greatest games: an 8-bit revolution that stretched well into the 90’s as a high time for social gatherings. For me, going to an arcade meant a day of fun. Most of the time it was for a birthday, whether it was mine or a friend’s or just one of the kids on the block. [wp_ad_camp1] It meant pizza and soda, presents and ball pits. The best part was the arcade cabinets. That was how we would demo games during the 80’s and 90’s. Sure, we had Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, and mom-and-pop shops for rentals. However, nothing could beat the arcades. Arcades were how knowledge was passed and prestige was earned among your peers. read more

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