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New Xbox One 

New Xbox One
My Twitter has been blowing up with news that Microsoft has been working on a new Xbox One. The reports suggest it’s more than just slim model and has upgraded hardware. If the rumors are true it’s not very surprising since Sony seems to be working on PlayStation 4.5 and Nintendo launching NX in March 2017. Game companies seem to be treading new water by launching new hardware this early in the life of the their latest consoles. One thing that seamed strange to me about the Xbox One and Playststion 4 is the hardware seemed dated before they launched. 

Maybe we should view current systems as the .5 to 360 and PS3 and these new consoles will be what we should have had to begin with. Either way you look at it our wallets will take hit when they drop. I would say I’m ok with this if it’s the last upgrade these consoles get for this generation, but if the life cycles is now three years on a console the price should reflect that. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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