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Titanfall 2 – Quietly Getting Better and Better

Titanfall 2 is a game you should be playing right now.

Titanfall has been continuously improved by developer Respawn, who has just released its 5th free DLC, Monarch Reigns on 05/30/2017. Yes, you read that right, 5th free DLC. In a world of Season Passes, multiple expansions, and paying for just for Map Packs, Titanfall 2’s DLC is free. This includes new maps, game modes, and most recently, a brand new Titan with a whole new kit of skills, weapons and abilities to use.

Titanfall 2 was put in a less then ideal situation at launch. EA chose to launch it the week after releasing Battlefield 1, literally sandwiching it between its own mammoth IP Battlefield and Activistion’s Call of Duty: Infinite War. Titanfall 2 was hamstrung at launch, and despite critics raving about the game, the excellent campaign, and multiplayer, it didn’t reach as many people as it could have.

And that is a shame, because Respawn is killing it with free content, and more people need to be enjoying this fantastically supported game.

Let’s break down the amount of free dlc content that has been released so far:

Angel City’s Most Wanted – Released 12/03/2016

Added: New Map – Angel City – remastered map from Titanfall 1

6 New Titan Kits (abilities)

New Weapon “Wingman Elite” pistol

New Pilot Execution “Inner Pieces”

Live Fire – Released 01/13/2017

Added: New Mode – Live Fire – 6v6 Pilot Elimination

2 New Live Fire Maps – Meadow and Stacks

New Coliseum Map – Pillars

New Execution –  Late Hit

Overhaul of Matchmaking

Custom Mappings for gamepads and updated control options

Colony Reborn – Released 01/27/2017

Added: New Map – Colony

New Execution – Curb Check

New Weapon – R-101c Carbine

A Glitch in the Frontier – Released 04/13/2017

Added: New Map – Glitch

New Live Fire Map – Deck

New Faction – Marvin’s Finest Hour

New Execution – Get to the Point

Monarch Reigns – Released 05/30/2017

Added: New Map – Relic – remastered map from Titanfall 1

New Titan – Monarch

New Execution – Now You See Me [Cloak]

That’s a total of 8 new maps, 1 new mode, 2 new weapons, 5 new executions, 1 new Faction, 6 new Titan Kits, and a brand new Titan that is completely different in abilities and skills from any other. All free. And that’s not counting the Prime Titans, nose art, and camouflage you can purchase, which give all new geometry and executions to the current Titans.

If you own Titanfall 2, you owe it to yourself to log back in and remember how fun the game is. Whether or not you have good thumb skill, I’m on the latter portion, you’ll have fun with the game. At least log in and try the Titan Brawl mode – All Titans All the Time.

If you don’t own Titanfall 2, its currently selling between $24.99 and $39.99. You owe it to yourself to jump in and enjoy this game. The campaign is top of the line, one of the best campaigns I’ve ever played. The multiplayer is fun, fast paced, and no matter how good you are, you always get to try out piloting a multi-ton walking tank at least once per match. I promise it will be money well spent.

Join me, and prepare for Titanfall.

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