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Destiny 2 Beta – Starting over

As I write this, the Destiny 2 beta has come to an end. Bungie’s networking team is back to testing in a private realm, and the software team remains hard at work – squashing bugs, tuning sandboxes, and crushing dreams.

If one looked at the Destiny Reddit from the first day of the beta to the last, you’d notice a vast array of opinions, gripes, complaints and valid criticisms.

I just want to remind us all of one thing. We’re starting over.

If you’ve finished the first story mission included with the beta, Homecoming, you know. Ghaul and the Red Legion have stormed the Last City, destroyed our vaults, demolished our defenses, and engulfed the Traveler. We no longer have the very thing that gave Guardians our power – Light.

Imagine a world without light.

This slogan was part of the first Destiny 2 reveal campaign, and its one I feel like we need reminded of.

You see, most of what I saw throughout the internet was Guardians saying they felt weak compared to Destiny 1. That cooldowns for Melee and Grenade abilities were too long, that supers took far too long to charge, that we just felt weaker overall.

And we are.

Remember, we’re coming from Destiny 1, where our Guardians are max light level, maxed in at least 2 of the 3, Intellect, Discipline and Strength. Our cooldowns are down to around 5 minutes for Supers, and down to 25 seconds for grenades. We are the penultimate Guardians, literally in an Age of Triumph.

So what happens when we lose all that.

We start over.

In Destiny 1, when you first start, you don’t even start with a melee, grenade or even a jump ability.

When you do earn those abilities, your grenade and melee take 1 minute to recharge. Your super takes between 5:30 and 5 minutes.

Most of the complaints I’ve seen by Guardians over the internet have been about weapons and grenades not doing enough damage in PVE, heavy ammo not dropping often enough, and abilities being too slow.

The first two have already been confirmed to be being tuned by Bungie, and it was confirmed that the build we played is a months old version of the game that will launch.

By far, the biggest criticism, and sometimes complaint, was that the ability and super cooldowns in PvE seemed too slow.

I’m in agreement in regards to the Super cooldown, it does feel a bit slow. However, as with Destiny 1, this most likely will be lowered via armor or gun perks, and may have been tuned by Bungie already.

Grenades and Melee abilities are right where they were with Destiny 1, when we first started, when we weren’t max light, fully decked out, boss melting dps masters like we are now. So yes, it will feel different.

We’re starting over.

Constructive Criticism is good, its great, it can change things for the better. Complaining does not.

So, for now until 09/06/2017, we can do 1 of 2 things.

1) Complain, or

2) Stop, think, and criticize in a constructive way.

Which will you choose, Guardian?

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