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Superhero movies, are they ruining Hollywood? :Nerdbuzzed episode 106

The podcast where we talk about all the nerdy stuff we care about and drink a cool frosty brew while we’re doing it!

Hosted by Marcus Ellinger / Jeremiah Johnson
Intern Jack Hughes

Superhero movies, are they ruining Hollywood?

This week we ask are superhero movies good for Hollywood? We love superhero movie! But, should we!?! Subscribe and leave a comment to be a potential fan of the month. You win a free Nerdbuzzed T-shirt … could you win a better prize? We think not! Please leave us a comment with any show ideas, topics, or beer you want us to try. Fuel the nerd fire nerds! … stay nerdy!!!

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Marcus Ellinger
Host at Nerdbuzzed
We love all things nerd and extra love it with a good beer. Every week we try a new beer and talk about somthing nerdy. Get Nerdy and Buzzed with us!!!
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